Field Support Resources

Field Work - MES
The Field Support Resources business unit tailors its offerings to suit the needs of the customer, from installation, commissioning & qualification to de-install, decommissioning, shipping and storage. This division also provides quality assurance and control services, and certification testing, from qualified resources.

What sets MSR-FSR apart from “Labor Only” companies is our brick-and-mortar infrastructure. We have service centers throughout the US and one in Europe which employ industry experts and provide a basis for our understanding of semiconductor process tooling. Our facilities handle in-house cleaning ,refurbishment, training, and provide bases of operation for our management staff.

Proven Success!
MSR-FSR has provided documented improvements in quality and up-time for our customers who have switched to our managed services offerings. MSR-FSR’s Scope of Work is unique in that we not only provide pre-qualified, guaranteed Technicians but we also provide the on-site management, training, supervision of these Technicians.  MSR-FSR qualified personnel are full-time employees, not temporary manpower. Our employees receive full Medical Benefits, Holidays, Vacations, Safety Training, Quality Training, and Copper Awareness training. Complete shift coverage is guaranteed.

MSR-FSR has been awarded “Supplier of the Month” award on two separate occasions over a three year period. The first was in June 2008, and the second was in July 2011 both for outstanding service to a major semiconductor HVM facility.

MES Awards

Managed Engineering Services provides certified technicians to the Implant Service Center, Etch Parts Clean Area, and Automation. The duties range from simple parts cleaning to assembly and calibration of complex, critical assemblies and include responsibilities such as:
– managing daily retrieval of Fab’s PM parts and ensures restock of parts staging areas,
– storing and management of equipment spares and repair materials,
– quality control of materials and assemblies destined for the Fab,
– root cause analysis or FMEA for failed components, assemblies or service equipment,
– interaction with Customer Fab teams (issues, efficiency, safety, ergonomics),
– preventive maintenance of service equipment,
– management of service and support tools,
– maintain historical record of all repairs, maintenance, and consumable usage,
– maintain work and service areas for cleanliness and serviceability,
– management of technicians and service areas.

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