MSR-FSR is an international managed engineering service provider that supports businesses operating in the high technology sector, predominantly in the semiconductor, life sciences and alternative energy industries. We have gained the respect of some of the largest blue-chip companies in the world, and we are proud of our position as one of the leaders in our field.

     MSR-FSR serves critical market needs within the semiconductor industry. Throughout the years, we have developed innovative solutions for refurbishing high-end process tooling, and from these beginnings, we have broadened our services and now complete specialist projects primarily involving process support and decontamination of facilities and equipment. We are currently supporting a number of clients with the planning phases for their next-generation wafer fabrication plant start-ups.

Life Sciences:
     Our work in the life sciences industry is rapidly growing. We exercise every opportunity to transfer the experiences we have gained within the semiconductor industry into this arena, and we have therefore placed significant investment into developing this part of our business. The life sciences industry is changing fast, and the innovative solutions we offer help our clients keep up with this change.

     Solar energy collection uses the same technology as the basic computer microchip. We’ve proven we can support the semiconductor industry, so we are well positioned to understand—and solve—the problems faced by manufacturers of photovoltaic panels and thermal collectors.

We support our global clients with state-of-the-art facilities in the U.S. and Europe. We continually invest in leading-edge equipment, cleanrooms and office space to help meet market demand. Our world-class QMS and EH&S systems and protocols meet every demand we face in every industry we serve.

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